Recital Technical Services

Internal Events:

This page caters to DoM, SMND and Sponsored Events Only. Technical Services from O'Neill staff is not available for external events. Please check external event form for policies and clarifications.

Before you start:

Be sure to have your event booked and in the official DoM or SMND calendar.

Recital Support and Planning:

Once your event is scheduled and approved by DoM or SMND offices, your event will proceed to the O'Neill Production Team for planning: Use the steps below to start the planning process and communicate your needs.

  • Please be sure to submit the form at the end of the section no later than 1 month before your recital. If you have a more demanding list of needs, please start planning as early as possible and contact us for any questions at oneillproduction [at]
  • Graduate recitals involving large ensembles need to submit information at least 2 months before your recital. If you are coming back for your 2nd year (MSM and DMA) or 3rd year (DMA), you need to start planning during the summer.
  • Create your program as a google doc before filling out the form
    • Your program will be generated from this document 
    • add the link to the form and be sure it is set to share -> University of Notre Dame -> editor
  • For planning and diagrams for recitals, use these documents:
  • Finaly, please fill out this form.
    • The form will help you determine your needs as well as identify any special requests
    • The form will not be processed without an approved program

What Happens Next:

After the O'Neill Production Team has a chance to look at your filled out form, we might contact you for clarifications, concerns and a proposal for dress rehearsal time if that is not already fixed (as it is the case with recitals involving ensembles).

A typical student recital workflow looks, from the staff standpoint, like this:

  • Recital program is approved with  faculty advisor
  • Recital is scheduled with DoM / SMND staff internaly
  • 45 days to 1 month before the recital - forms are received, needs are determined and recital goes up on calendar
  • 3-4 weeks before recital - confirm needs and dress rehearsal times
  • 2 weeks before recital - program goes up with streaming links on website
  • Week of the recital - dress  rehearsals and final adjustments
  • Recital day
    • Arrival of staff - determined by needs of recital
      • Back of house staff - artist needs, set-up
      • Technical staff - venue needs including lights, live recording and streaming
      • Front of house staff - audience needs
      • For larger events or events that require amplification, please fill the form as soon as possible as we might need to hire extra staff
    • Arrival of artist 
      • 1 hour before recital for student recitals
    • As needed for guest and faculty
    • Recital
    • After recital 
      • Strike and reset as needed for next event
      • Close space and check for lost and found
  • After recital day
    • Archival recording 
    • Reports 

Please note that this schedule does not take into account extra musicians and hiring times needed for larger events such as the choral conducting program degree recitals. A typical deadline for budget, program, and musician needs for these recitals is no later than 2-3 months before the recital. Some may require more time depending on season and instrumental needs. 

Streaming and Archival Recordings:

We create archival recordings of every offical event in our spaces but we can only prepare streaming links if we have the information in advance. 

Due to the large amount of events, we add links once a week. O’Neill Music and Sacred Music staff meets on Tuesdays to plan staffing and operations.  Streaming links are then added to events we have the full information ready.

We cannot guarantee streaming if we do not have program information ready at least 3 weeks before the recital.