Venues, Classrooms and Technical Information

In this section, you will find at a glance information on our venues, usage guidelines, staff technical services provided and an FAQ (Frequenty Asked Questions) section. Use the left menu to navigate to specific sections or scroll down for in-depth information.

About O’Neill Hall of Music Venues

O'Neill Hall of Music and Sacred Music has 2 venues:

  • The LaBar Recital Hall (east side of the building – door 7)
  • The LaBar Performance Hall (west side of the building – door 10 – also known as "The Whitebox").

In addition to the venues above, our organ recitals take place at the Reyes Organ and Choral Hall and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The Reyes Organ Hall can be used for certain conducting recitals with faculty authorization. Organ and Conducting events in these 2 outside venues are booked by SMND staff only in coordination with DPAC and Basilica staffs.

Due to the busy scheduling of the Basilica and limited Music / SMND staff and resources, we cannot book or support conductiong events in their space.

Usage Guidelines

The LaBar venues are available for O’Neill Department of Music (DoM) and Sacred Music at Notre Dame  (SMND) internal events only. These include:

  • Faculty Recitals and Classes. 
  • Students' Degree Recitals.
  • Sponsored guest artists events including masterclass  and concerts.
  • DPAC / DoM / SMND collaborations.   

Any instruments avaiable in the halls (our 2 Steinway D pianos) may be used for recitals. Additionally, we have a selected number of speciaty instruments (harpsichord, portative organ, fortepiano) that maybe be avaiable with faculty authorization and enough planning time respecting other events and bookings in the spaces.

External events requests must be directed to SMND and DoM. Please check the dedicated tab on the side for these. 

Please note that O'Neill staff is not available for non- DoM and SMND Events. See our full Usage Guidelines page in the left menu for details.

Technical Services


Our staff, aided by student workers, supports O'Neill Hall of Music and Sacred Music internal events only as well as selected recitals in Reyes Organ and Choral Hall (organ and conducting) and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart (organ only). Due to scheduling and staffing limitations, we cannot support conducting recitals at the Basilica or any other off campus venues.

In O'Neill, we provide set-up and strike as well as live and archival recording plus streaming (pending staff availabilty and completion of required forms). Set-up and strike services (as well as any O'Neill instruments and equipment) are not avaiable for any events outside of O'Neill spaces. 

Our team will also provide a live recording link for scheduling which will be added to your event page in Music and Sacred Music when you approved program is received. An HD copy of your recital will be provided on google drive for download. Please check our dedicated page for planning and forms.


Our Frequently Asked Questions page is divided by topics and provides information for faculty, students and any 3rd party interested in using O’Neill Hall facilities with approval.