Halls Usage Guidelines

Internal Events (DoM and SMND):

Department of Music (DoM) , Sacred Music at Notre Dame (SMND) and Co-Sponsored Music Events. The spaces above are available for:

  • O’Neill Department of Music and Sacred Music faculty events and classes

    • Faculty and Student Degree Recitals

    • Lectures

    • Rehearsals

    • Other selected events such as Notre Dame Opera

  • Guest artists events and Department Co-sponsored events (such as DPAC Presenting Series).

To reserve spaces, please get in touch with:

    • Noelle Elliot (nelliot2 [at] nd.edu)- Department of Music

    • Janet Rudasics (jrudasic [at] nd.edu) - Sacred Music at Notre Dame

External Notre Dame Units Events:

Other University Departments and Units:

  • O’Neill spaces may be available on occasion for University non-music events with authorization from the Department of Music and Sacred Music. To start the process, please check the form in the "External Events Tab". 

  • A small fee will be accessed for access to spaces and for an O’Neill representative to be available for questions.

  • O’Neill instruments, technical resources and services will not be available for these events.

  • Staff for non-DoM / SMND must be contracted with campus approved vendors such as.

    • Technical Support:

    • Staff Needs

  • Event organizer(s) will be given access to space and be responsible for ensuring the space is returned to its setting as well as any cleaning expenses.

  • Please be sure to have vendor get in touch with O’Neill Hall Staff no later than 45 days prior to the event.

Notre Dame Student Groups and Organizations: 

Due to the increased demand for venue space, we are unable to accept requests from student organizations without an academic partnership or co-sponsorship at this time. Student activities groups may schedule their events at Washington Hall.

External Events - Outside of Notre Dame:

We currently do not provide venue space for public rental without an academic partnership or co-sponsorship.