Alumni, John J. “JJ” Mitchell, Announced as the Gruenstein Award Winner in April 2024 of THE DIAPASON

Author: SMND

JJ Mitchell
Class of 2019
MSM Organ
2024 Headshot
John J. “JJ” Mitchell (MSM ’19)

Sacred Music alumni, John J. “JJ” Mitchell (MSM ’19) was recently announced as the winner of the third annual Gruenstein Award in the April 2024 issue of THE DIAPASON. The Gruenstein Award is meant to recognize excellence in scholarship and writing from a young person under 35 years of age. JJ is also a member of The Diapason’s 20 Under 30 Class of 2021.


JJ’s article will be published in two installments in the May and July issues of the magazine.


JJ Mitchell Gruenstein Award The Diapason 2024