Gabriel Radle

Director of Graduate Studies, Sacred Music
Assistant Professor of Theology, Liturgical Studies

Disciplines: Theology


Ph.D. Pontifical Oriental Institute (Rome)

Professional Biography

Gabriel Radle specializes in early and medieval Christian liturgy, with a particular interest in the Eastern Mediterranean world. He seeks to understand the practice of Christianity through the comparative reading of liturgical texts across traditions and by engaging these sources with visual and material culture, hagiography, homiletic literature, and legal documents, both canonical and civil. His publications include studies on medieval marriage ritual, Byzantine prayer books on Sinai, and life-cycle liturgies for children and adolescents. Radle has lectured internationally and held research fellowships at Yale University, Dumbarton Oaks, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Princeton University, and the University of Regensburg (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation fellow).

Representative Publications, Performances, and Creative Work

"The Veiling of Women in Byzantium: Liturgy, Hair, and Identity in a Medieval Rite of Passage" in Speculum (forthcoming).

"Bishops Blessing the Bridal Bedchamber in the Early Middle Ages: Reconsidering the Western Evidence" in Medium Aevum (in press).

"Embodied Eschatology: The Council of Nicaea's Regulation of Kneeling and Its Reception across Liturgical Traditions," Part I in Worship 90 (2016) 345-371; Part II in Worship 90 (2016) 433-461.

“The Liturgical Ties Between Egypt and Southern Italy: A Preliminary Investigation” in Diliana Atanassova and Tinatin Chronz (eds.), ΣΥΝΑΞΗΣ ΚΑΘΟΛΙΚΗ. Beiträge zu Gottesdienst und Geschichte der fünf altkirchlichen Patriarchate für Heinzgerd Brakmann zum 70. Geburtstag (Münster 2014) 617-632.

“The Byzantine Tradition of Marriage in Calabria: Vatican reginae svecorum gr. 75 (a. 982/3)” in Bollettino della Badia Greca di Grottaferrata s. III 9 (2012) 221-245.

Phone: (574) 631-8137
Office: 235 Malloy

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