SMND Choral Conducting Recital - Jude Nwankwo


Fy21 Recital Msm 2 Conducting Jude Nwankwo 2021 05 15 Poster Ozi Oma
Jude Nwankwo, 2nd year Master's student, will perform his final recital, Ozi Ọma: Good News.
Jude presents a recital of historical and modern sacred, choral works by European and Nigerian composers, respectivelyThe recital will feature the Notre Dame Concordia Choir and Ritornello Ensemble performing works by Antonio Vivaldi, Joseph Haydn, Ayo Bankole, Laz Ekwueme, and Jude Nwankwo.  

This performance is closed to the public but is live-streamed

The program can be viewed here