MSM Choral Conducting Recital - David Marshall


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Sacred Music Concordia Blue Choir, conducted by David Marshall, will present "Music for a Hurting World."
This program is conceived as a musical, liturgical, and prayerful synthesis of music from different times and geographies that can help us reflect on the time we are in now: A recently invented instrument, the RAV Vast, is making its debut on Notre Dame's stage to accompany chant from one of the earliest known composers of Western music; a passionate madrigal from the secular world meets spiritual conversion in its text; and a beautifully fulfilling Russian setting of the Canticle of Simeon closes the evening. The expressive styles of this repertoire range from raw expressions of anguish and mourning in Spanish polyphony to the refined musical conventions of a Mass fit for Lent. I invite you to enter with us into this music to ponder the times in which we are living, contemplatively praying with Mary and the Saints for the souls of those both living in the world and those who have departed.  
This performance is closed to the public but will be live streamed at
The program can be viewed here.