SMND Repertory Choir and Ritornello Ensemble Auditions


Location: Sacred Music Program - 542 O'Neill Hall (View on map )

Sacred Music at Notre Dame is looking for skilled choristers and instrumentalists for our Graduate Conducting recitals. Our ensembles are open to Notre Dame undergraduates and graduates and singers from the wider Notre Dame community. If you are a skilled chorister or instrumentalist with excellent sight-reading skills you should audition for one of our ensembles. Performers are paid $15 per hour.

Sacred Music Repertory Choir
The Sacred Music Repertory Choir is a vocal ensemble conducted by SMND graduate students. The chorus explores masterpieces of the sacred music repertoire and the techniques for singing and conducting it.
(rehearses Tuesday and Thursdays from 12:30p-2:00p with one Spring Semester performance)
Sacred Music Concordia Choir
Members of the Sacred Music Concordia choir take sophisticated repertories of music through to polished performances. All choristers take part in the dress rehearsals and concerts. There are three or four concerts per semester, typically on Sundays.
(rehearses Friday from 10:00a-11:30a and 3:00p-5:30p)

Ritornello Ensemble
Ritornello serves as the instrumental ensemble for graduate-conducting recitals for Sacred Music at Notre Dame. The ensemble is regularly comprised of string (violin, viola, cello, bass), woodwind (flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon), and brass (trumpet, trombone, french horn).
Depending on the needs of the recital, additional instrumentalists such as percussionists and early-music instrumentalists are added.
Recitals usually consist of an instrumental-only rehearsal, followed by two rehearsals with vocalists, a dress rehearsal, and the performance. Most performances are on Sunday afternoons.

Students interested in performing with Sacred Music should send an email to or stop by our office at 542 O'Neill Hall of Music/Sacred Music.