Saturday Scholar Series with Kiera Duffy


Location: Snite Museum’s Annenberg Auditorium

“‘Phantom of the Opera’ Is Not an Opera: What It Actually Means to Be an ‘Opera Singer’ in the 21st Century”  

When you think of an opera singer, what comes to mind? A glass-shattering vocalist? A woman of generous proportions sporting a Viking helmet? The star of Phantom of the Opera? These are the stereotypes that popular culture has assigned the role of “opera singer.” As it turns out, none of these is an accurate depiction of what a classical singer actually looks like or does. “Opera singer” and ND Voice Professor Kiera Duffy seeks to set the record straight with a mix of entertaining anecdotes and musical selections, with the help of pianist Päivi Ekroth.

Kiera Duffy, Associate Professor of the Practice and Head of Undergraduate Voice Studies
Päivi Ekroth, Collaborative Pianist