"The Tolerance of Chains in Pilgrimage” A Colloquium by Robert Morris


Location: Crowley Hall Room 115

Robert Morris is Professor of Composition at the Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, where he has taught for the last thirty-six years. Morris has written music for a wide diversity of musical forms and media. He has composed over 180 works including electronic/computer and improvisational music, and pieces designed to be played out of doors.  He is also known as the author of articles and books on topics in music theory, aesthetics, and Indian music. In fall, 1997, Morris held a Bridging Fellowship to study Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic religion and philosophy in the University of Rochester’s Department of Religion and Classics. His most recent book, The Whistling Blackbird: Essays and Talks on New Music, was published by the University of Rochester Press in December of 2010. In 2014, Perspectives of New Musicpublished a special issue (52/2) entitled Perspectives On and Around Robert Morris at 70 with a three CD recording ofCompositions and Performances in Celebration (PNM/OS compact disc).