"DE SPIRITUM (1980) William Albright (1944-1998) and The Pipe Organ as Spiritual Force" A Colloquium by Douglas Reed


Location: 115 Crowley Hall of Music

Colloquium: The Pipe Organ as Spiritual Force

Douglas Reed, Adjunct Professor of Music (Organ)

The Colloquium will explore theological aspects of American composer William Albright’s De Spiritum (1980) for solo organ and two assistants. Through various musical gestures, the composer gives expression to several Christian concepts: the Divine Logos, the struggle between Good and Evil, the Holy Trinity, and The City of God.


"The title De Spiritum...reflects up the notion of the organ, with its continual and super-human supply of wind, as primal and spiritual force...the 'vox Dei,' the "voice of God...."

–William Albright


Douglas Reed, DMA
Adjunct Professor of Music (Organ)
University of Notre Dame
Department of Music
Crowley Hall 115
February 17, 2017
11:30 A.M.