"Women's Voices, Women's Stories: Presence and Absence in Ancient Syriac Liturgy", a Colloquium by Susan Ashbrook-Harvey


Location: Lafortune Student Center, Notre Dame Room 202

Saced Music at Notre Dame and the Department of Theology Liturgical Studies Presents

"Women's Voices, Women's Stories:  Presence and Absence in Ancient Syriac Liturgy", a colloquium by Susan Ashbrook-Harvey.


Susan Ashbrook Harvey specializes in late antique and Byzantine Christianity, with Syriac studies as her particular focus. She is the author of Scenting Salvation: Ancient Christianity and the Olfactory Imagination (2006), Asceticism and Society in Crisis: John of Ephesus and the Lives of the Eastern Saints (1990), co-author, with Sebastian P. Brock, of Holy Women in the Syrian Orient (1998, 1987), and co-editor with David G. Hunter of the Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies (2008). She has published widely on topics relating to asceticism, hagiography, women and gender, hymnography, homiletics, and piety in late antique Christianity.


Friday, September 26, 11:30am to 1:00pm
LaFortune Student Center, Notre Dame Room 202