Learning From the Masters. Learning From the People

Location: Morris Inn at Notre Dame


Learning from the Masters. Learning from the People.
A Colloquium for Composers and Directors of Sacred Music
September 19-20
This Event if Free for Faculty and Students of Notre Dame.
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"What constitutes great sacred music? Should we prefer the historical repertories of chant, polyphony  and baroque cantatas that have been recognized for their beauty and spiritual refinement? Or do we embrace the music of the people and of the times?  Do we judge the quality of sacred music on the basis of its intrinsic beauty or for its capacity to promote congregational participation? Should liturgical music have a separate style than music for everyday life?  Can we question the role of contemporary popular styles and of publishers' anthologies if they appeal to the congregation?
A distinguished group of composers, scholars and conductors will examine these topics from their individual perspectives, to ascertain if the beauty and spiritual inspiration of sacred music can emerge from different models, practices and performance contexts. The discussions will be complemented by readings of new works of sacred music proposed by emerging composers and conductors registered in the colloquium. Young composers will be able to discuss their scores privately with the master composers of the conference."
Dr. Robert Kyr, Professor of Music, University of Oregon, Resident Composer, the Oregon Bach Festival and Capella Romana

Mario Lavista, Music Chair, Colegio Nacional de México, Winner of the Tomás Luis de Victoria Ibero-American Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Composition
Jorge Muñiz, Associate Professor of Composition, Indiana University South Bend

Kevin Allen, Sacred Music Composer and Pedagogue, Monastery of the Holy Cross, Chicago

Dr. Marvin Curtis Composer, Dean of the Raclin School of the Arts, Indiana University South Bend
Dr. Margot Fassler, Musicologist, Director of Sacred Music at Notre Dame
Dr. Michael Driscoll, Liturgical Stduies, Associate Professor of Theology, University of Notre Dame
Dr. Edward Foley,  Capuchin, Professor of Liturgy and Music, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

Dr. Lorenzo Candelaria, Musicologist, Associate Professor, University of Texas El Paso

Ana Alonso Minutti,  Musicologist, Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico

Mary Frandsen, Musicologist, Associate Professor of Music, University of Notre Dame

Plus a distinguished panel of sacred music directors of the region:
Dr. Andrew McShane, Director of Music at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, University of Notre Dame

Steve Warner,  Director, Notre Dame's Basilica of the Sacred Heart's Folk Choir

David Eicher, Editor, Glory to God, The New Presbyterian Hymnal
Hillary Doerries, Music Director, Chirst the King Lutheran Church, South Bend
Dr. Wishart Bell, Founding Artistic Director of Vesper Chorale Inc. and of the Children Choir of Michiana

Susan May, Choir Director, First Presbyterian Church, Mishawaka

Carrie Bowie, Liturgy Director, Sisters of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of Loretto Chapel
Performances and Readings by:
Kosmologia, C.H. Tellez, conductor: Music by Kyr, Lavista and Victoria, Friday September 19

Anonymous 4, Sacred Music of the 14th Century, Saturday, September 20
"Learning from the Masters; Learning from the People" is made possible with support by the  Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Letters, Henkels Lecture Series and The Helen Kellogg Institute for International Studies.