Support Sacred Music for Notre Dame Day!

Author: Matt Haines

Donations and Voting for Notre Dame Day begins Today!!!!! Please support Sacred Music at Notre Dame and the Notre Dame Children’s Choir by making at $10 donation and casting your FIVE votes for SACRED MUSIC. Your $10 donation will be magnified by donors up to an additional $100!
Spouses and parents can donate from the same credit card and each will receive FIVE votes to give to Sacred Music at Notre Dame. See the attached flyer for details.
Donate online from today through
2.) Donate $10 and specify it for SACRED MUSIC
3.) Cast ALL 5 of your votes for SACRED MUSIC PROGRAM
4.) Post of Facebook and twitter that you donated and voted.
You may donate more than once, but it is your first $10 donation (per mailing address) that will give you 5 votes to cast and up to $100 additional dollars to contribute. Each contribution afterward will earn you one vote, or up to an additional $20. Still a great deal!