Professor Carmen-Helena Téllez Travels to Quito to Collaborate with the National Theatre of Ecuador

Author: Matt Haines

Professor Carmen-Helena Téllez, Head of the Graduate Conducting Studio, traveled to Quito during the second week of December as a guest artist of the National Theatre of Ecuador. She is developing with the Theatre's director, Chia Patiño,  an original adaptation of Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute" that will include aspects of Andean mythology in the libretto and Ecuadorean instruments in the orchestra. "The Magic Flute" has a historical tradition of adaptations, as it is ideal to introduce new audiences and children to the operatic genre. Professor Téllez's collaborative version will premiere under her direction next June 2018. She will also return to Quito's Sacred Music Festival in March 2018 to lead an interdisciplinary performance of J.S. Bach's "Passion according to Saint Matthew."  This will be her second visit to Quito's Sacred Music Festival. The first took place in 2013, when she took the section leaders of Notre Dame Vocale for a collaboration with the Mixed Choir of the City of Quito, in a concert celebrating the inauguration of Pope Francis, the first Latin American Pope.