Notre Dame Day 2016

Author: Mark Doerries

Notre Dame Day (week), Tuesday, April 19-Monday, April 25, is a campus wide fund raiser for individual programs across the Univerisity. For each $10 donation made on behalf of SACRED MUSIC, the University will magnify this gift up to $70.

This year's funds support the Notre Dame Children's Choir upcoming recording project, an album of hymn arrangements titled, O Day of Peace. Watch singers from the NDCC sing and speak about their first CD release:
How to Donate:
Donate online from today through Monday:
2.) Donate $10 to SACRED MUSIC
3.) Cast ALL 5 VOTES you receive for SACRED MUSIC PROGRAM (each votes is worth approximately $12 to make your gift worth a total of $70)
4.) Post of Facebook and twitter that you donated and voted.
You may donate more than once, but it is your first $10 donation (per credit card) that will give you 5 votes to cast and up to $$70 to contribute. Each contribution afterward will earn you one vote, or up to an additional $12. Still a great deal!
Spouses may donate from the same credit card and each will receive FIVE VOTES to give to Sacred Music at Notre Dame. See the attached flyer for details.
Thank you for considering a gift of $10 to Sacred Music at Notre Dame and the Notre Dame Children's Choir. We are grateful to the continued support of our faculty, staff, students, alumni, family, and friends. Help us to grow sacred music in the greater Notre Dame community and across the country!