Margot Fassler Awarded 2013-2014 Faculty Research Support Regular Grant

Author: Matt Haines

The Faculty Research Support Regular Grant Program provides funds to support outstanding research, scholarship, or creative expression that will make a major contribution in any field of study. Projects should lead to a significant outcome during the period of the award, and thus, the FRSP Regular Grant competition should not be viewed as a seed funding opportunity for the generation of preliminary results. Grants up to $100,000 of total funding over three years are available through this program.


The 2013-14 Awards are


Award Recipient

Proposal Title

Margot Fassler

Hildegard's Cosmos: A Sounding Model with Varied Applications

Anthony (Anton) Juan, Jr.

The Winged Fragments of Our Children

Georgine Resick

Pierrot Lunaire Film Project

Denis Robichaud

Marsilio Ficino Editions Project

Matthew Wilkens

Text Mining for Large-Scale Literary Geography


The Faculty Research Support Initiation Grant Program provides seed funds to established faculty initiating new programs of research, scholarship, or creative endeavor and new faculty beginning their research programs. Grants of up $10,000 are available through this program. Augmentation of the grants by the Colleges and Departments as appropriate to the discipline will be allowed.


The 2013-14 awards are:

Award Recipient

Proposal Title

Christopher Baron

The Herodotus Encyclopedia

Thomas Gresik & Vijay Gupta

Designing distributed sensor networks to address malicious attacks: Integrating engineering and mechanism design methodologies

Kaifeng Jiang

Does Leadership Make a Difference? The Moderating Effect of Service Leadership on the Relationship between High-Performance Work Practices and Retail Store Performance

Danielle Joyner

Landscapes and Medieval Arts

Alexander Lappin

Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2

W. Matthew Leevy

Patient-specific anatomical replicas for sinus surgery practice

Mei Li

A Cross Culture Comparison of Online Consumer Reviews: Patterns and Impact

Erin McDonnell

Fairness and Pricing: Historical Shifts and Demographic Differences in the Evaluation of Moral Behavior in the Market

Kinoshi Nishikawa

Race Matter: Book Design and the Textual Condition of African American Literature

Sylwia Ptasinska

Dosimtery of Cold Atmospheric Plasmas for Medical Applications

Kimberly Rollings

Assessing Effects of the Built Environment: Converging Efforts to Improve Health and Sustainable Design

Jai Verma

GaN/AlN Quantum Dot deep-UV LEDs