A Recording by Professor Carmen-Helena Téllez is Reissued in Mexico.

Author: Matt Haines

The Tempus Clasico label, specializing in masterpieces of the Latin American repertoire, has reissued a recording by Notre Dame's Professor of Conducting Carmen-Helena Téllez of Mario Lavista's Stabat Mater, alongside other sacred music works by the composer. The original recording was produced by Indiana University's Latin American Music Center in 2012. Tempus Clasico serves the large Mexican and Central America recordings market. This is the third time that it has reissued a recording by Professor Téllez, having published the Missa Brevis by Mario Lavista in 2014 and Carlos Chávez-Música Inédita in 2013.   Mario Lavista is considered the most important living Mexican composer of our time. He attended the Second Sacred Music Conference at Notre Dame, "Learning from the Masters, Learning from the People," in September of 2014, alongside other distinguished composers from the United States.