A New Movement for Sacred Music

Author: Matt Haines

Recently, Brendan O’Shaugnessy of the Office of Public Affairs and Communications was able to sit down with MSM alumni Jonathan Embry (organ) and Samantha Dotterweich (voice) to talk about their learning experience at Notre Dame and how it has impacted their current church musician job. Jonathan and Samantha each have their own approach to Sacred Music and how they pass on the experience unto others. Jonathan focuses the relationship of organ hymn playing to resonate with his church attendance while Samantha teaches the youth choirs at schools and future work with the Indianapolis Children's Choir.

After leaving Yale Institute of Sacred Music to build the Program in Sacred Music here at Notre Dame, Margot Fassler has been the driving force of growth behind the department. During the interview, Margot Fassler commented on the importance of Sacred Music in the church community as an educational tool to be utilized.

Below you can watch two highlight videos from the article.


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