"A Catholic University is a Refuge of Hospitality", an Article by Peter Jeffery

Author: Matt Haines

Professor Peter Jeffery was featured in Notre Dame's newspaper, The Observer, where he wrote on the importance of Notre Dame keeping the Catholic faith while providing an edcuation and reserach opportunities for students. 

"Fr. Hesburgh used to point out that many American colleges were founded by religious denominations but have lost their religious affiliation over time. Notre Dame strives to maintain its Catholic identity, convinced that a Catholic university can also be a great university. Many of our students come here looking for a strong Catholic education, including some who feel their pre-college Catholic formation was not all it should have been.

Many professors identify teaching at Notre Dame as part of their apostolate as Catholics. Some non-Catholic students appreciate the fact that, because our University takes religious faith seriously, it also takes religious freedom seriously. However, as we grow bigger and better, taking on a larger role as an international research university, inevitably new questions will emerge about our Catholic character."

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