SMND Choral Ensembles

Participation in the ensembles of the Sacred Music Program at Notre Dame will depend upon course of study inside or outside the Sacred Music Program, the specific schedule, and personal goals.  Ensemble participation provides professional-level musical training as well as opportunities to study and learn sacred music repertories.

Students in the Sacred Music Graduate Programs (MSM and DMA) will consult with their faculty advisors about their specific responsibilities within overall ensemble participation.   Participating singers must consult the SMND Calendar to ensure that they can participate in required events before committing to an ensemble.

All other students at Notre Dame: 
Would you like to perform great sacred music under the batons of skilled graduate conductors?
Would you like to be paid or get academic credit for this work?
Sacred Music at Notre Dame will hold auditions for the Program's Recital Choir (rehearses Friday 2-6, with some weekend performances) & Repertory Choir (rehearses T-Th 12:30-2, with one Spring performance).  If you are a skilled chorister with excellent sight-reading skills you should audition for one (or both) of these choirs.   

Repertory Choir 

The Notre Dame Repertory Choir is an auditioned vocal ensemble conducted by graduate students in the Program in Sacred Music. The choir is open to Notre Dame undergraduates and graduates from other programs, and singers from the wider Notre Dame community.  It meets as a regularly scheduled ensemble for credit.  It is directed by choral conducting graduate students in the studio of Professor Carmen-Helena Tellez. The chorus explores masterpieces of the sacred music repertoire and the techniques for singing and conducting it. In the Spring semester the choir also serves as an instrument for the recital of the first year conducting MSM students, and all singers must take part in the recital. The choir provides ample opportunities to sing a great variety of music with an accompanist at a high professional level.  This choir meets twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:45pm to 2:00pm. Students taking this chorus for credit are graded on attendance and participation. 

Concordia:  A Graduate Recital Choir at the University of Notre Dame

Concordia is an auditioned vocal ensemble conducted by graduate students in the Program in Sacred Music, featuring singers/soloists from the graduate vocal studio of Stephan Lancaster and Kiera Duffy. The choir is also open to Notre Dame undergraduates and graduates from other programs, and singers from the wider Notre Dame community. It serves exclusively to prepare the recitals of advanced MSM and DMA students in the graduate studio of Professor Carmen-Helena Tellez and meets as a regularly scheduled ensemble for credit. Members of the choir take sophisticated repertories of music through to polished performances, several of which include professional collaborative artists. All choristers take part in the dress rehearsals and concerts. There are three or four concerts per semester, and they typically take place on Sundays within the concert series of Sacred Music at Notre Dame. The choir meets twice a week on Friday from around 1:30pm to 3:30pm and 4:00pm to 6:00pm, usually with dress rehearsals from 10 am to 1pm on the Saturday before each of the Sunday performances.  Paid positions are available. Concordia gives conductors and singers in the program unique opportunities to perform at the highest levels of musical artistry.

Notre Dame Vocale

Created in 2013, Notre Dame Vocale is an advanced vocal ensemble intended as the performing arm of research and creative projects in sacred music composition and sacred music drama at Notre Dame. Composed of graduate students in conducting and voice, the Notre Dame Vocale is led by Artistic Director and Professor of Music Carmen-Helena Téllez, Head of the Graduate Studio in Choral Conducting at Notre Dame. The members of Vocale pursue their activities in a studio format, collaborating co-creatively in the design and production of the events.

Vocale collaborates with Notre Dame's DeBartolo Performing Arts Center in offering virtuosic vocal and choral works by living composers. Notre Dame Vocale is the designated core ensemble for the program of sacred music dramas that already earned funding from the Mellon Foundation. Vocale will be the vocal ensemble for the next interdisciplinary music drama, with a cantata by Robert Kyr on a libretto by Robin Kirkpatrick based on Dante’s Divina Commedia.

Notre Dame Vocale's first performance was at the inaugural concert of the Sacred Music Festival of Quito, Ecuador, in March 2013. It will be a featured ensemble of the Princeton Festival in June 2016. Recent and salient projects of Notre Dame Vocale include a performance as the chamber chorus and solo ensembles in Mendelssohn’s Elijah, with baritone Nathan Gunn and a performance of Steve Reich's Proverb with Third Coast Percussion. Notre Dame Vocale also premiered three commissioned works by composers Sven-David Sandstrom, Cary Boyce and Gabriela Lena Frank, alongside works by its members Justin Appel, Caleb Wenzel and JJ Wright, for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center.

For more information, visit the Notre Dame Vocale website

Notre Dame Children's Choir

The Sacred Music Academy is the home of the Notre Dame Children’s Choir, the Children’s Organ Training Program, the Parish Music Program, and summer music programs for children, music directors, and pastors.

For more information, visit the Sacred Music Academy website.